What Lies Beneath


A fine art print was recently brought into the studio, mounted to an acidic backing board. In order to stabilize and treat the print, Jamye had to remove the board. She began by carefully thinning the board mechanically, i.e. by hand with a metal tool. During the removal process, Jamye discovered that the board had not been completely glued to the print, as larger pieces of it came away comparatively easily. Once those areas were uncovered, printed words became visible.

When the mechanical thinning process was finished, Jamye washed the print. The remaining adhesive dissolved in the water, and the remnants of the old backing board could then be peeled away. The print was apparently made on a discarded leaf from a book publisher. Three pages of text and an illustration about the Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen (1910-1961) were printed on the oversized paper, but were never folded and bound into a completed volume.